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Champion of Champion Pairs Draw Information

Draw Information for games to be played at the MSA Bowling Club on Saturday 6th April.

9 am start for round 1
2nd round people need to report at 11 am
3rd round reports at 1 pm.

Conditions of Play:
No time limit
All games played according to the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, specifically
* An end declared dead or Killed is to be replayed
* An Incorrectly delivered jack is to be re-delivered, after the second incorrect delivery the jack is to be placed on the 2m nark AND the mat may be repositioned.

1-2 Men- Click here to view Year 1/2 Men’s Draw

Junior Men- Click here to view Junior Men’s Draw

Senior Men-Click here to view Open Men’s Draw

Senior Women- Click here to view Open Women’s Draw 

Junior Women- Click here to view Junior Women’s Draw

Round 1 (9 am)
Junior Men- Rakaia vs Methven
Senior Men- Allenton vs Methven & Hampstead vs MSA
Senior Women- Rakaia vs Methven

Round 2 (Will commence once round 1 is complete)
1-2 Men- Allenton vs MSA
Junior Men- MSA vs Hampstead & Allenton vs (Winner of Rakaia vs Methven)
Junior Women- Allenton vs Rakaia
Senior Men- Ashburton Vs (Winner of Allenton & Methven) Rakaia vs (Winner of Hampstead vs MSA)
Senior Women- Allenton vs Ashburton & Hinds vs (Winner of Rakaia vs Methven)

Round 3 – Finals