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Green Keepers Tournament Results 2023

Results from play on Sunday 19th February

Ashburton Green
1st  Bronson Kellet, Craig Kellet, Scott Hyndman – 4 wins, 19 ends
2nd Colin Dennis, Mike Skilling,  John Kewish – 3 wins, 20 ends
3rd Dave McDonnell, Bernie Osborne, Wendy Watson – 3 wins, 18 ends

Hampstead Green
1st  Brent Mayson, Greg Lock,  Deano Benson – 4 wins, 17 ends
2nd  Mike Grice, Bob Johnston, Cameron Moore – 3 wins, 20 ends, 35 points
3rd  David Hickman, Doug Thorne, Denys McEvedy – 3 wins, 20 ends, 33 points

Final Results from Play Offs at the Hampstead Green:

1st Mayson – Winners of Green Keepers Tray 2023
2nd Kellett
3rd Grice
5th Hickman
6th McDonnell