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First Law 30.3 states that the opponents in a singles game should decide if a jack is dead or not. If the opponents cannot agree they should ask the umpire to make a decision.
The marker should not have shifted the jack without the players having first agreed it was dead. However, since the jack was moved by the marker it has effectively been displaced and Law 33.3.3 then applies (If the jack at rest is moved by a neutral person (i.e. the marker) the the opponents should have it replaced in its former position. If the opponents cannot agree on its position then the end should be declared dead). In the match in question the conditions of play allow for re-spotting of a dead jack, in this case because the players cannot agree on the former position of the jack, the end is declared dead and the jack should then be re-spotted as per the conditions of play and the end should continue.

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